Geographically situated just outside the walled historical village of Noves, Villa Mas St Jean is ideally set right in the heart of Vincent van Gogh's Provence. Serenely nestled and uniquely situated between St-Remy-de-Provence and Avignon, the walled city of the Popes, lies a unique and enchanting domain; Villa Mas St Jean.


This sumptuous building of the 19th century, nestled in the middle of fruit vineyards, invites you to discover the charm and the aroma of Provence. The domain fully enclosed by a wall, has a park garden with palm trees, 100-year old olive- and siccamore trees, oleander and lavender filled walkways and is appreciated by all its visitors. Mas St Jean stands out as one of the most beautiful properties in the area. Between the flowers and aromas, Mas St Jean is the perfect place to spend your holiday in harmony with the seasons and the changing colours of nature.


Villa Mas St Jean; a luxe chambre d'hotes de charme and a luxury holiday villa!


Chambre d'hotes de charme

Villa Mas St Jean is a luxe chambre d'hotes de charme all year round. As we are in the top-segment of the chambre d'hotes buisiness, the luxurious, tasteful and quality of decoration and materials is of the highest quality.

We are proud to consequently have the highest rating as a B&B in the entire Avignon and St-Remy-de-Provence area. For the third year, in 2014 our guests gave us an overall score of 9.7!



Luxury holiday Villa

We also rent our domain as a whole for seasonal rental during all seasons. When renting our Mas you will benefit from the interior decoration and highest quality of material in every little detail. In general holiday homes are equipped and decorated just for its purpose, but as we are also a chambre d'hotes we stand out to be one of the best quality homes for seasonal renting in the entire area of Avignon. 


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